Whether it is your first time on a horse, or if you are an experienced rider, we strive to make your ride fun and exciting. We have well trained horses appropriate for all riding levels, gentle and easy to handle for beginners and more spirited mounts for accomplished riders. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides give brief instructions and an orientation on the basics of horseback riding.

We are open 7 days a week for morning and sunset rides. During the summer, we only offer morning rides.

Private Ride

Pintos “R"Us offer special packages for any occasion. We can cater to your special photo shoot, birthday parties and even weddings! Let us make that special event even more amazing!

Please call us at 787-516-7090 to book your private ride! 

Duration: 2 hours

Rate: $90 per rider

Group Ride

Our tours are semi-private, consisting of groups up to 12 riders, to ensure that everyone receives personal attention from watchful guides. We strive to ensure your comfort, confidence and safety. The pace of the ride is set to match the skill level of participants. Riders exhibiting control and balance are permitted to trot and even canter along with the guides in designated areas.

Duration: 2 hours

Rate: $80 per rider

Pony Ride

Please wear comfortable clothes for your ride. Best options are sturdy, closed toe shoes and pants. Please avoid wearing just bathing suits and flip flops.

Duration: 20 minutes

Rate: $20 per rider (Ages 2-8)

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